Which brothers are so often saying "love you" each other?

"Heroes" third season has finished last week (in fact, finally S3 will be starting air in the end of this month in Japan) and I've heard that Petrelli brothers saying "I love you" each other again!!! What a surprise... nope, I maybe guessed it would be happened and I am quite sure that I am not only one who is wondering if it's kinda definition of "Heroes" or "Heroes" speciality or something like that they show their strong brotherhood threw into the three words at least once a season??

However, I was quite surprised about that situation when Nathan suddenly said that "I love you, Pete. You know that?" to Peter and his brother replyed "Of course. I love you too, Nathan." with no hegitate and no breath, just instantly straight back on the way to the battle with Sylar.
WoW!!! How strong is band of brothers between them we can see and no matter they were on different side in the first half of volume four. What can make them so tight?

Recently there are so many brothers which are so close in T.V.shows such as Dean and Sam("Supernatural"), Lincoln and Micheal("Prison Break"), Don and Charlie("Numb3rs") and more. You can find Best TV's Brothers here.;)
These brothers involuntary make fan girls who especially love *slashy* things be excited. In my opinion, Nathan and Peter are the top of other brothers in that way so far, because they are always taking care and protecting each other such as almost commit suicide together for saving the world in first season, and they are always touching, hugging or kissing inappropriately, and they wouldn't alive without each other such as Nathan seemed to lost a purpose to live in this world in second season. in volume four(in third season), Peter hated Nathan because he loves him so much and that's why he couldn't forgive Nathan's action that Peter felt wrong and betrayal easily. I know every family has love and hate and I also know that if someone love too much sometimes love would turn into hate with a small event. I think many Petrellicest are addicted to that idea just like Petrelli brothers are obsessed each other. ;P

Okay, I know "Heroes" is a TVshow and They are only characters in the show, but their attitude made me question that "is it natural brothers behaver in America??" in my mind. you know, I am Japanese and we don't often say "love you" and don't often touch, hug or kiss even family, so I have no idea! Who can tell me the truth about brotherhood in western countries, please? (or just in America?)
By the way, I totally love it and I am Petrellicest. Love Nathan!!! XD

Check their brotherhood out with a fan vid!:) (Japanese text below)


"Heroes"のS3は先週終りました。(日本では今月末にやっとはじまりますね)そーしてやっぱり聞いてしまいましたよ、Petrelli兄弟の"I love you"!!かなりビックリしましたが・・・いや、頭のどこかで予想はしていましたけど。(苦笑)ちなみに、これってもう1シーズンに一回は絶対あるんじゃないかと・・・思ってるのは俺だけじゃないような。(笑)




えーっと。最近はTV界では本当に兄弟愛が溢れまくってる兄弟が多いですよね。"Supernatural", "Prison Break", "Numb3rs"とか・・・他にもいっぱい!興味ある方はこちらでチェック



ネタばれOKならS3の映像も入ったfan vidをどうぞ~~:)

vid clip by NothingIsMeantToBe

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